Planning, Product Selection and Specification

The product lines of the major tile and stone vendors is large and with the rate of new product introduction, staying current can be overwhelming. When you factor in product constraints and current color pallets, the task can be outright unmanageable. There is no reason to devote your scarce resources to the task.

We do the hard work for you. Our team is active with all the major vendors as well as local artisans. We know the product lines; we know what products are constrained; and we know the current color charts. Also given our close relationships with suppliers, we can offer custom alternative products to meet very specific requirements on color, price, and delivery.

The result is carefully planned written specification mindful of timing, price, and other design elements. This document is used for the entire phase of the project from client approval to purchasing, and is used by fabricators and installers as the control document for job site inventory and installation instructions.

Conceptual and Technical Drawings (See Examples)

Conceptual drawings help communicate and reinforce the design direction and provide the first step of installation troubleshooting. Our team takes the proposed specifications and "installs" the tile on paper providing explanatory drawings or formal elevations and floor plans. It is often at this stage when refinement to the design occurs and modifications are made to accommodate cabinets, returns, shower dams, etc.